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A tapered roofing system is helpful and the most often required building requirement for many commercial buildings with flat roofs. A tapered roof allows precipitation to flow into the drainage system rather than pool on the surface and potentially leak through the upper membrane. Learn more about tapered roofing systems and the options building owners have when it comes to slope variations.


Commercial Building Code Requirements

The Uniform Building Code nationally suggests that all flat roofs have at least ¼ inch slope per foot. However, some local building codes contradict that guideline, verifying roofing slopes which provide only 1/8 inch slope per foot. It is vital to know the standards of the local municipality before finalizing building plans, but tapered roofing systems can always be added after the fact as well.


How Are Tapered Roofs Installed?

For brand-new builds, the plans should include variations in the height of the roof support beams, resulting in a well-designed slope to facilitate adequate drainage. For a renovation of the current roof, the membrane can be removed and tapered insulation sections placed beneath in a sloping pattern.


Tapered Roof Benefits

A commercial tapered roofing system provides efficient moisture control, preventing ponding on top of the installed membrane. It also adds a significant level of insulation, harboring interior heat in cold winter weather and decreasing energy costs

Commercial Roofing Overlays

Our unmatched expertise has allowed us to find solutions for every flat roof situation, including highly innovative flat roof overlays, a unique process where our technicians lay a fresh layer of membrane over the top of your building’s existing roof. 


Our Process

Our process beings with a complementary inspection of your building’s current flat roof situation. Our expert technicians will assess the condition of the roof, looking for blistering and other signs of wear and tear from years of use. 


If we determine that a flat roof overlay is the best solution for your building, we will begin construction by identifying and removing any blistered or otherwise damaged areas of the roof. Once the blisters and damaged areas are attended to, we will add a new layer of TPO or modified bitumen over the existing layer of roof, and seal it with a leak free membrane.


All of our work is backed by our signature 100% leak free guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your building’s flat roof overlay will withstand up to 30 years of weather and other debris.