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Fully adhered roofing involves gluing the roof directly to the insulation layer below it. The insulation board serves as insulation as well as a secure attachment between the metal deck and roof. Fully adhered roofing is more expensive and more time-consuming. This installation also comes with challenges in that the large quantities of glue needed, must be applied at the same time and at the right temperature. You must wait for the glue to dry and form the correct degree of tackiness. Then a weighted roller is used to press the membrane tightly against the insulation layer.

Many builders use fully adhered roofing because of the belief that it is more resistant to leaks, but this is not necessarily true. It is thought that if water was to get through, it would travel under the membrane past the glue, so no damage is caused. In reality, if you are not aware of any leaks, the water will get under the roof and pool. Accumulated water eventually degrades the glue and water can spread causing a larger area of damage.