Snow Removal


The winter in the Northeast United States area brings with it all sorts of problems for commercial business owners. One major concern is roof damage from the heavy buildup of snow. The roof can become damaged if large amounts of snow pile up on top of your building. That is why you need a professional roof snow removal company to assist you in removing that pile so that your roof does not take on too much weight.

Your roof is designed to handle a certain amount of weight and manufacturers usually take into consideration potential snow problems. Unfortunately, however, snow can cause a roof to cave in when left unchecked. There is a system to this and the professionals at Central Roofing Company are experts at inspecting and measuring snow to determine whether or not it is causing too much strain on your commercial structure.

When snow and ice accumulate on the roof, it, of course, does not mean that the structure will cave in; but we do not recommend ignoring it either. The cost of rebuilding would be much higher than having a professional snow removal company take care of the problem for you. The risk to your guest and employees is too great.

As snow level accumulates on the roof, wind can be your enemy as it can cause unanticipated leaks or failures. In addition, the resultant meltdown can cause blockage in your drains and that will complicate things even more.

Goldstone General Contractors Corp specializes in providing commercial roof snow removal services throughout Philadelphia area and the the Northeast United States for both large and small commercial buildings. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected prior to heavy snow as a way to ensure better resistance and perform repairs if necessary before it starts to snow. Contact us to inspect your roof before winter and do not ignore any apparent leaks or other potential damages. That can present serious danger for your workers.

  • While it’s never certain just how much snow a winter will bring, heavy snowfall in the Northeast United States area is inevitable
  • Save time, headaches and potential disasters by working with Supreme to create a snow removal plan ahead of the snowstorms!